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Top 10 Interview Blunders


A Holiday Season Gift for Recruiters and Their Candidates Everywhere

** As featured on the front page cover of December, 2006 issue of The Fordyce Letter The Top Ten interview blunders that cost people jobs and offers have been compiled from nineteen years of record keeping and observations. And now for the drum roll please.

The Top Ten Blunders are:

  1. Poorly Designed/Unflattering Resume
  2. Bad Telephone Interview Etiquette
  3. Neglecting to Research Company
  4. Lack of Position Knowledge or “Client M.D.O.”
  5. Inadequate Interview Closing Techniques
  6. Dropping the ” Post-Interview Follow-up” ball
  7. Failure to Follow Recruiter Instructions
  8. Forgetting to Ask for the Job
  9. Email Addiction
  10. Circumventing your Executive Recruiter or Staffing Consultant

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Gary Perman is President of Perman Technical Search Group, a national search firm that specializes in recruiting Executives to Engineers in the technology industry since 1996.
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Gary Perman is a certified recruiting professional and owns PermanTech, which specializes in recruiting technology executives, managers and engineers. He hosts an employment-technology blog.

See our Blog for Technology discussions,Interviewing advice, comments relating to IT, Software, Technology issues.