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How to Land That Dream Job

How to Land That Dream Job When You Lack Certain Skills

Jeremy Atkins doesn’t have a shred of artistic talent, but he still enjoys many of the benefits he would get as a successful comic-book illustrator.

Mr. Atkins, 30 years old and a collector of comics since childhood, gets free passes to trade shows, discounts on his favorite toys and the chance to hobnob with such industry luminaries as Frank Miller, creator of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The perks come with his job as director of publicity for Dark Horse Comics Inc.

If you are passionate about a certain industry but lack the skills commonly associated with its most visible leaders, you can try to pursue a career working on the sidelines. Being behind the scenes may offer more than just the opportunity to score freebies and gain exposure to your dream industry’s superstars. The career choice also may help you enjoy what you do for a living as well as pay your bills.

Eric Doyne says he originally abandoned his goal of working in sports after his attempts to become a professional athlete failed. “I really gave the [bicycle] racing thing a go in college,” he said. “I won some races, but I realized I wasn’t a Lance Armstrong.” Mr. Doyne studied journalism in school, and after graduating in 1999, he landed an entry-level public-relations job at a large agency. In his fourth year there, a colleague enlisted his help on an account for a bike company, and “a light bulb turned on,” he said. “My job went from being just any job to one that I felt incredibly passionate about.”

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See our Blog for Technology discussions,Interviewing advice, comments relating to IT, Software, Technology issues.