Perman Technical Search Group

The Engagement Process For Client Companies

Engaging the use of a professional search firm assures that vacated positions are filled promptly with qualified individuals. An unmanned sales territory, engineering position or executive vacancy can be devastating to the moral of the team, burden the existing work staff with too much work, or leave a large hole for the competitor to sneak through and capture your clients who haven’t heard from your people in a while.

The reality of using a professional search firm is not how much to invest in the fee, but how much business revenue is being lost by neglecting the customer or potential business waiting to be contacted.

You may have come to distrust “recruiters/headhunters” and we don’t blame you. Unfortunately many of our predecessors and novices in this business are much like the famous used car salesmen … abusive, shoving candidates down your throat, sending you non-qualified people, not listening to your needs, etc. No doubt, a recruiter somewhere, somehow has given you a bad taste in your mouth. They’ve given us a bad taste in ours as well, which is the exact reason we don’t work for a large recruiting firm. We don’t like the lack of ethics, the “hard sell” sales approach, and the “get in your face” attitude some recruiters use to manipulate you into making a decision.

We consider you a respected, intelligent person. Capable of making a good decision. We understand that you are looking for the BEST possible person to add to your team. Realizing that there has only been one person in history that could walk on water and realizing that with a tight talent pool, when a great person is found, you need to take action and make a decision quickly. We help you find the best possible person in the shortest amount of time possible, so you can be up and running.

Search Methodology – What we provide
Our 26 Steps in the Placement Process

Our approach is to informally partner with our clients so that we can serve you better. We need to know and understand you, your business and exactly the type of person you’re looking for. That’s why we ask you more questions than a recruiter has ever asked you before. We want to really know what the role is, the duties, and the unique aspects of the job … and more.

  1. Coordinate the job description
  2. Interview you and any other decision makers for clarification of real needs and expectations
  3. Research the real benefits and attractions of your company to entice a candidate
  4. Research to locate logical talent pool
  5. Check existing databases for leads
  6. Source to narrow research results
  7. Recruit
  8. Qualify candidates by initial phone interviews and follow up questionnaires against the necessary research results
  9. Sift the potential finalists from the window shoppers, tire kickers, and under – qualified
  10. Perform in-depth interviews with potential finalists
  11. Reference check performance with former supervisors and colleagues
  12. Check and verify candidates’ credentials
  13. Test, rank and evaluate chosen nominees
  14. Arrange and coordinate interviewing schedule with you and the candidate
  15. Prepare and counsel nominees for interviews by spelling our company needs, culture, organizational fit, hiring authority personality, etc.
  16. Prepare company hiring managers for interviews by providing full pre-interview information as well as results of background checks
  17. Debrief client hiring authority after each interview, answering unanswered questions, etc.
  18. Debrief client hiring manager after each interview, assessing strengths, weaknesses, incompatibilities, etc.
  19. Coordinate with hiring manager on possible offers to be made and set the stage for acceptance
  20. Participate with company in providing necessary information required for accepting the offer
  21. Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to smooth way for offer acceptance
  22. Arrange with realtors, chambers of commerce, relocation consultants to assure candidate and family is aware of details in new location
  23. Provide candidate with housing location assistance, school information, community integration
  24. Assist successful candidate in cleanly terminating current employment
  25. Work with spouse placement if needed
  26. Follow up after placement with candidate and hiring manager to assure new

What our clients provide:

  • A demonstrated sense of urgency and need to fill the position now.
  • Access to hiring managers for a personal meeting.
  • Written job descriptions and detailed compensation/benefits programs.
  • Information of industry trends and competitors.
  • Share in the commitment to filling the position by paying an engagement portion of the fee to provide assurance of the job to be filled and a guarantee that the search will begin immediately.